Rinnekoti on 90-vuotias kehitysvamma-alan vahva osaaja.

The Rinnekoti Foundation is recognized as Finland’s foremost and leading research and healthcare service provider for persons with intellectual or developmental disorder including rare and genetic diseases. Over four thousand persons embody Rinnekoti’s mission and vision, over three thousand of whom are service users while the remainder are members of staff.

Expert healthcare professionals of multi disciplinary specializations along with administrative, ICT, and other frontline staff help deliver an optimum standard of quality care with the service user, their family and respective municipalities.

Rinnekoti has responded to the social and healthcare needs of children, adults and families both regionally and nationally since 1927. The three guiding principles which have informed and served this mission since then are neighborliness, expertise and good life. These core values continue to inspire services for the promotion of health, wellbeing and inclusion particularly for persons most at risk of marginalization and exclusion.