It all started with Sister Aino over 90 years ago

Rinnekoti’s story started year 1927 in Deaconess Institute, when Sister Aino took two disabled boys under her wing. Below brief overview to our history:

  • 1939: moving to Skogby farm in Lakisto Espoo
  • 1957: Rinnekoti foundation separates from Deaconess Institute
  • 1960-1990: growth and development to become nationwide service provider
  • 1990’s: developing more diverse operation and services
  • 2010’s: continuing on path guided by Rinnekoti’s values
  • 2017 Rinnekoti turned 90 years
  • 2020 Deaconess Foundation and Rinnekoti Foundation merge

Today we are largest operator in private disability services in Finland. Rinnekoti is a part of a Deaconess Foundation which is a non-profit organisation and a social enterprise.

Services we provide are housing services and employment and participation. Those we offer mainly in Uusimaa region but lately in Pirkanmaa and Päijät-Häme as well. Individual service set is tailored based on the needs of individual. Servise sets may differ from each other for example in content, extent or on the way they are carried out. Our services are available to all ages of people.

Values Neighbourliness, Expertise and Good life guide our work.

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